Why Should I Choose Medical Over Recreational Cannabis?

Canada is now the first industrialized nation in the world to legalize recreational cannabis.

You might be asking yourself, why choose to be a medical cannabis patient when legal recreational cannabis is available?

There are many benefits of medicinal cannabis.

We've compiled a list of these benefits here.

Patients will be able to save money via the medical system in a variety of ways:

1. Save Money

  • Qualifying patients have access to compassionate pricing programs.
  • Cannabis costs may be submitted to insurers for private payer coverage.
  • Insurance Health Care Spending Accounts may be used to cover costs.
  • Medical cannabis and vaporizer expenses can be claimed on yearly income tax returns.
  • Licensed producers will absorb the additional excise tax on cannabis for medical users.

Patients purchasing from a licensed producer have consistent access to high-quality products intended for medical use. Licensed producers have a "Patients First" commitment to ensure strain availability. Discounts may be offered in the event a preferred product is out of stock.

Products must pass inspection for THC/CBD levels, pesticide use, contamination, and be clearly labelled. The products are also geared specifically towards medical use and a wider variety of low/high, THC/CBD products, as well as balanced 1:1 strains.

2. Product Availability, Safety, And Quality

Employers have a duty to accommodate an employee who consumes cannabis as medicine. However, with the new recreational access most businesses are moving to ban or strongly discourage on-the-job cannabis use for non-medical purposes. Without medical status there is no guarantee of legislative protection.

3. On The Job

Cannabis can be a complicated medication. When formulating a treatment plan, knowledgeable physicians make educated decisions based on your current and past medical history.

By maintaining regular clinic visits with your physician, your treatment plan is more effective and can be adjusted as needed. You’ll also have access to reliable, up to date information and new products.

Medical cannabis users have specific needs, and recreational “budtenders” are simply not trained to offer reliable medical advice.

Canadian Cannabis Clinics counsellors and licensed producer care teams are there to answer your important health questions about what products are best suited to your needs, and how to use them. Your ongoing support includes counselling access by phone, email, in person or even online video session.

4. Physician, Clinical And On-Going Support

As a commitment to ease of access, Canadian Cannabis Clinics helps with picking the right product for you, select your licensed producer and fast track your registration with them. In addition to this, we also now offer online appointments so you can have your appointment at home or wherever you feel most comfortable. This removes the hassle of travelling and waiting in clinics. 

5. Hassle Free

For those already in the medical system, there will be no changes. You can enjoy all the benefits listed above. You will still be registered and can access your chosen licensed producer for the length of your existing medical document.

For those wishing to enter the medical system, you will still need to see a physician for a medical document. Your appointment is an excellent opportunity to meet with both physicians and counselling teams, ensuring that you’re getting the most from your medicine.

CCC now offers an easy, convenient online appointment service called, “Home Care”. It offers the same clinic physician access, counselling and assistance with documentation via a secure video portal. No wait times, no travel and hassle-free!

What happens after October 17th?

Canadian Cannabis Clinics is now offering residents of Ontario the opportunity to get assessed to either become a new patient, renew your medical document or to simply learn more about medical cannabis via our new online service, Home Care. Appointments are carried out via a secure video portal from your home or wherever you feel most comfortable. There are no wait times, no travel necessary and appointments are accessible on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. To learn more, simply click the button below.

Home Care - Online Video Appointments

Summary Of Medical Benefits

For convenient access, knowledgeable staff and ongoing support, Canadian Cannabis Clinics is here for you! If you have any questions regarding your medication, legalization, or booking an appointment either in-clinic or with Home Care, please contact our team at hello@cannabisclinics.ca or by calling 1-888-256-7043.

Have Further Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us on hello@cannabisclinics.ca
or by calling 1-888-256-7043.